Real Estate Executive Band Square Feeet Plays Classic Rock in New York

Jimmy Kuhn has served as president of the international real estate firm Newmark Grubb Knight Frank since 1992. Despite his multi-billion dollar responsibilities in real estate acquisition, management, and liquidation, Jimmy Kuhn makes time to practice and perform with his band, Square Feeet. He has been playing keyboard since the age of eight and formed the band more than 15 years ago, after performing with colleagues at a holiday party for his company.

The five members of Square Feeet are all real estate executives who enjoy meeting up to play classic rock. Jimmy Kuhn plays the keyboard and guitar for the band, Michael Stein and Dave Katzman play guitar, Billy Mendelson plays the bass, and Nick Cangemi plays percussion. The band has covered a variety of songs by popular rock groups, including AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Who, among several others.

Square Feeet has performed numerous gigs in New York and New Jersey, and the band has been a regular at New York City’s The Red Lion. Other venues where the band has performed include Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center and the Pratt Institute.

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